Creation of the Committee

The Students Mentoring and Counselling Committee aims to offer meaningful mentoring, counseling and support to the students in their career development and professional growth. The students must be adapting to the ever changing environment as fast as possible and mentoring the student’s aids in this process. Mentoring and counseling is a structured approach to improve the performances of students. By respecting his/her own values, choices and lifestyles; the faculty can work together with the student towards making choices or changes that are right for him/her.


  • To identify specific needs of the student Community– academic, personal, career related and provide mentoring and counseling.
  • Improvement of teacher-student relationship
  • Assisting students to independently monitor their progress toward achieving their educational and career goals
  • To monitor the students regularity & discipline
  • Counseling students for solving their problems and provide confidence to improve their quality of life.

Selection procedures

  • The faculty gives their choice for acting as coordinators in the Students Mentoring and Counseling Committee. Based on the choice given by the faculty and students, the College Academic Committee in consultation with Heads of the Departments selects the coordinators.


  • The tenure of the selected coordinator and members is for one academic year.


The Students Mentoring and Counseling Committee is reconstitute for every year. For the academic year 2021-22, following members are appointed


S.No Name of  Member Designation Position in the committee
1 Dr. Aseem Khan Associate Professor Coordinator
2 Mr. Mohammed Nawaz Assistant Professor Member
3 Mr. Mohammed Saleem Pasha Assistant Professor Member

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Preparation of mentor-mentee groups as per the prescribed ratio.
  • Preparation of mentoring and counseling schedules
  • Preparation of counseling forms.
  • Conducting student mentoring and counseling as per the schedule
  • Identification of slow learners.
  • Measures to improve the performance of slow learners.
  • Preparation of counseling reports.
  • Maintenance of necessary records and files