Creation of the Committee

This committee is responsible for developing and implementing strategies for the effective maintenance of the institute’s infrastructure and other related facilitates. The committee ensures that annual building and other maintenance requirements are satisfied. Identification and planning of preventative maintenance needs is also an important one.


  • To ensure proper maintenance of physical property and facilities in the campus
  • Ordinary preventive maintenance
  • Long range plans for repairs/replacement of equipment
  • Regular review of the conditions of infrastructure and other facilities.

Selection procedures

  • The Assistant Registrar nominates the members of the committee with the approval of the Principal.


  • The tenure of the selected coordinator and members is for one academic year.


The Maintenance Committee is reconstituted for every year. For the academic year 2021-22, following members are appointed

S.No Name of  Member Designation Position in the committee
1 Mr. Mohd Ibrahim Uddin Vice-Principal Coordinator
2 Mr. Wali ur Rahman Lab Incharge Member
3 Mr. Mohammed Saleem Pasha Asst. Professor & Placement Officer Member
4 Mrs. Shahnaaz Sultana Asso. Professor & Library Coordinator Member
5 Mr. Gaffar Care taker Member
6 Mr. Akbar Electrician Member

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Develop a plan to respond quickly and appropriately to maintenance emergencies
  • Co-ordinate maintenance work with concerned staff
  • To regularly review the condition of the campus building, ground, utilities and other infrastructure to ensure their adequacy
  • To bring to the notice of authority on any irregularities in the conditions of the infrastructure and facilities
  • Ensure cleanliness and neatness inside the campus.