Creation of the Cell

The Intellectual property rights cell has been setup in the college, to promote awareness on intellectual property right and to encourage students towards creation of IPR. The major objective of the cell is to organize technical programs to generate awareness among staff on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and thus nurturing students as research scholars, technocrats, professionals, industrialists, grass root innovators, etc. It aims to increase the Intellectual Property output of the Staff and students by facilitating and guiding people from different walks of life. The cell will provide financial, technical and legal assistance for filing patents/ copyrights and facilitates to access patent related documents.

Intellectual Property rights strive to encourage, creativity and innovation, which in turn leads to generation of Intellectual property. Protection of Intellectual Property so generated is necessary to provide security, stimulation and incentives for sustained and enhanced output. The IPR Cell is constantly striving towards strengthening linkage with organizations to leverage its registered design further.

The Objectives of IPR Cell

  • To promote academic freedom and safeguard the interests of inventor in creation and commercialization of intellectual property with legal support wherever necessary.
  • To create an environment for acquiring new knowledge through innovation, develop an attitude of prudent IP management practices and promote an IPR culture compatible with the educational mission of the institute.

Constitution of the IPR Cell

The cell is reconstituted for every academic year. For the academic year 2021-22, following members are appointed

S.No Name of  Member Designation Position
1 Mrs. Shabana Fatima Associate Professor Coordinator
2 Dr. Atiya Mahboob Professor Member
3 Miss Husba Sameen Assistant Professor Member

The Functions of IPR Cell include

  • To work in co-ordination with the cell formulated.
  • To promote constant awareness about IPR.
  • To engage in conduct IP workshop/ Seminars.
  • To advice and guide students and faculty members on the importance of IPR with the help of authorized patent anatomy.
  • To participate in/ arrange periodic meetings of faculty members and to conduct development programs.


IPR Cell will be responsible for the following deliverables:

  • Increasing IP awareness among faculty members, staff & students within the institute.
  • Managing and protection of the institutional IP through patenting and other IP forms.
  • To encourage faculty staff and students towards object oriented research at institute level.
  • To fill gap between industry and academic institute in terms of IP utilization and commercialization.
  • Provision of legal counsel in terms of IP issues and policy matters pertaining to college to faculty members and students who are involved in research activity.
  • To pursue for MOU’s with industries with knowledge sharing.