Creation of the Committee

Grievances Redressal Committee has been constituted in the college. It deals with all types of grievances, complaints and malpractices including those received from Students. The Grievance Redressal Committee will enquire the grievances and suggest the final action to be initiated at the institutional level for the redressal of the same. Any student may approach the committee members, if he/she has any grievance regarding academic and non-academic matters and the committee will take up necessary action.

The Objectives of the Grievance Redressal Committee

  • To provide a support system for the students to address their grievances.
  • To initiate proactive measures to redress the grievances of the students.
  • To analyze the complaints and representations of aggrieved students and to take action with the appropriate authorities for redressal.
  • To get suggestions periodically from the students for improvement

The details of the committee members are furnished below

S.No Name of  Member Designation Position in the committee Contact No
1 Dr.Osman Bin Salam Principal Chairperson 9985389973
2 Mr.Mohd Ibrahim Uddin Vice-Principal Co-ordinator 9885062290
3 Mrs. Raheem Unnisa Associate Professor Member 9052219318
4 Mrs. Sadiya Aziz Associate Professor Member 7799278388
5 Mrs. Shabana FAtima Associate Professor Member 9177412204
6 Mr. Mohammed Zafar Student Member 8106228927
7 Miss. Muskan Begum Student Member 9182880186

Roles and Responsibilities

  • The grievances at departmental level are governed by the concerned mentors, class Coordinators and Department Heads then and there.
  • Unresolved grievances at the departmental level are referred to the Grievance Redressal Committee

Grievance Handling Mechanism

  • The students approach the committee to voice their grievances regarding academic and non academic matters. The cell redresses the grievances at individual and class level and grievances of common interest. Students are encouraged to use the suggestion box placed on the campus to express constructive suggestions and grievances.
  • Suggestion Boxes are provided in every building and grievance records are placed at vantage points in the college (including the Library and Lab)for the students/staff to air their grievances. Complaints dropped in the ‘Suggestion Box’ by students and oral complaints are also redressed. All complaints are scrutinized by the management and the grievance redressal cell. HOD/Principal/Director regularly attends to these on daily basis. The college assures students that once a complaint is made, it will be treated with confidentiality.
  • Besides there is an exclusive mechanism to address the issues relating to women and their grievances.